Plantation Trees- A key step to Carbon Zero?

Recently, New International Research revealed that Plantation Trees for Timber store more Carbon than Environmental Plantings.

A peer-reviewed international study in the Nature Communications Journal has published a study that plantation trees deliver almost three times more carbon abatement than environmental plantings. 

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Ross Hampton said today.

“This study confirms that trees planted for harvesting will deliver more benefits for the environment than trees planted for environmental purposes. The climate implications are significant, up to 269% more carbon is captured by plantation trees and 17% more than achieved by leaving a newly planted fast-growing conifer forest unharvested.

This only goes to show that to move towards Carbon Net zero by 2050, plantation trees are key and necessary. Plantation trees can store carbon and when ready they can be harvested, this gives both the environment and the grower an additional incentive over environmental plantings. These incentives are key to a global carbon zero society. However, the