Timber Development UK Calls For Recognition Of Crucial Role of Timber On Built Environment Day at COP26

COP26 featured the first ever Built environment day. 

Timber Development UK called for world and industry leaders to recognise the pressing need to use wood in construction. 

According to the World of Wood Festival:

Using wood in construction has a range of climate benefits for the built environment, as it:

  1. Sequesters carbon in forests as trees grow
  2. Stores carbon in harvested wood products
  3. Substitutes for carbon-intensive materials such as steel, concrete and plastics
  4. Drives sustainable forest management leading to greater growth
  5. Contributes to a circular economy as wood products can be reused, recycled and recovered for low-carbon energy at end-of-life

Sustainable timber is a proven, realistic solution for preserving, growing, and extending global forests, whether in Europe, North America, or the tropics and is based on existing, quickly scalable business models and proven technology.