You could be saving £650, Why are you not using it today!

In Comparison to Electricity, you would be able to save about 60% on your heating by using our high-quality kiln dried hardwood, why would you not use wood now!!

As of the 1st of October, the Government implemented a new price guarantee, this Caps Electricity at 34p per kWh until April2023 (when it is forecast to rise again). Whereas the cost of our Hardwood Dumpy bags is just 9.75p per kWh. This shows that even with these price caps, the cost of wood fuels is still a vast saving in comparison to traditional forms of electricity or gas. 

The comparative cost of heating is tabled below:


Energy Price Guarantee - From 1 October 2022 


34 pence per/kWh


9.75 pence per kWh


Hardwood logs produce about 4.3 kwh (Kilo-Watt-Hours) of energy for every Kilogram of weight. If you take Our Hardwood dumpy bags (£92.50 per bag) at 275 kg’s of Wood, this equates to 9.75p per kwh. 

As shown above this is just 1/3rd the cost of the current price of electricity per kWh. A typical domestic household in the UK consumes 3,100KWh* of electricity per year, meaning you would save £650 per year at current prices if you switched from Electricity to Wood Fuels. However, Electricity is currently forecast to increase each quarter until Q2 2023 and will still be much higher by the end of 2023. Meaning the savings will only increase as time goes by!

Furthermore, if you buy in bulk, the savings are even larger. If you purchase 3 of our Bulk bags for £260, the price is decreased down to 7.3p per kWh, Saving an Additional £60!

Order you wood now to make sure you achieve these real savings in heating costs

Customer with typical usage, paying by direct debit* (Per Ofgem)