Hardwood Builders' Log Bag

Hardwood Builders' Log Bag

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One Premium Hardwood Log Bag (Weighs Approximately 330 kg) and is the equivalent of 20 Hardwood Netted Log Bags.

Or Hardwood Builders Log Bags are:

  • Shrewsbury Firewood, High-Quality Firewood Shropshire
  • Free Delivery within 8 Miles
  • 100% Virgin Local Traceable & Sustainable Timber
  • High-Quality Affordable Firewood
  • Ready to Burn Certified
  • Low moisture content sub 20%
  • BSL Authorised and Woodsure Certified



The only hardwoods used in our Premium Hardwood Log Bags are Oak, Ash, Beech and Birch, as they are denser and heavier than softwoods. Thus, Providing a higher calorific value and longer burn time.

Sub 20% Moisture

Your Premium Hardwood Log Bags whether hardwood or softwood is dried to sub 20% moisture to give the most effective burn in the log burner, fire, or biomass boiler. Equally, All our wood is locally sourced from sustainable sites. Thus keeping our carbon footprint through transportation to a minimum.

Drier wood gives more heat and few residues, meaning you do not have to clean out your log burner quite so much. Equally, the glass stays clear so you can enjoy the fire. It does not matter how logs are dried, however, it is all about the moisture content within the wood, the lower the better.

Sold at Volume

All our log products are sold by volume, this is because wet logs weigh so much more and burn with minimal heat, very little flame and tar up your log burners, boilers, and biomass boilers. Buy our Woodsure-accredited ready-to-burn logs to ensure a clean and minimal value burn.


Salop Logs is based near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. We are a family run business which specialises in providing high-quality Woodchip, Pellet Replacement Fuel, and Firewood logs. All our products are fairly priced and we pride ourselves on our customer service.
Our logs have had extra moisture removed in an artificial drying process to guarantee you a wonderful fire. Our logs can be burned immediately.